American University LogoKalonKral's Ballot for Week 13 of 2018-19

Submitted on Monday, January 28, 2019 at 7:46AM EST
1 Duke University Logo Duke 0 It was touch and go for a time against Georgia Tech, but the upset alert faded quickly.
2 University of Virginia Logo Virginia 0 Virginia has played very few close games in conference play so far. Dominant wins.
3 University of Tennessee Logo Tennessee 0 After two close ones, Tennessee zooms past WVU in a down year for the Mountaineers.
4 University of Michigan Logo Michigan 0 Nanoseconds separated Michigan from a W and a trip to OT against Minnesota. Charles Matthews with the clutch bucket.
5 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga 0 We’ve got a really good top 5. After that, there’s a little bit of a step down now after Michigan St. lost.
6 University of Kentucky Logo Kentucky +1 I’m bumping Kentucky up one spot, but I don’t think Michigan St. should fall too far for that one loss.
7 Michigan State University Logo Michigan State -1 They’ve still run through the Big 10 with dominating second half performances. Just fell too far behind early against Purdue.
8 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logo North Carolina 0 Absolutely housed Virginia Tech early in the week.
9 University of Nevada, Reno Logo Nevada +2 I’m not as down on Nevada as many people. They had one abysmal game, let’s keep an eye on them.
10 Marquette University Logo Marquette +4 I don’t think Marquette is the 10th best team in the country, but VT, KU, Buffalo and MD all lost.
11 University of Kansas Logo Kansas +1 I tried to drop them farther, but they did have a good win against Iowa St. and the resume still holds up.
12 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Logo Virginia Tech -3 They’ve gotten shellacked by good teams on the road. Tried to drop them farther.
13 North Carolina State University Logo NC State +2 Not sure they should be this high either, but Beverly saved them with that huge 3.
14 University at Buffalo Logo Buffalo -4 Still keeping them here for now, but may require additional adjustments next week.
15 Villanova University Logo Villanova NR Starting to discount some of those early losses in favor of most recent conference games.
16 Louisiana State University Logo LSU +4 What a comeback against Missouri and they haven’t lost since Dec. 12.
17 Texas Tech University Logo Texas Tech +1 Finally stopped their three-game skid with a narrow win against Arkansas. Big games vs. TCU and Kansas up next.
18 University of Louisville Logo Louisville +7 Wins over UNC and NC St. bolster five straight wins for Chris Mack and Louisville.
19 Iowa State University Logo Iowa State 0 Kept it competitive against Kansas and really took it to Mississippi.
20 Purdue University Logo Purdue NR An impressive five-game winning streak for Purdue, with increased production from the others (everyone besides Carsen).
21 University of Wisconsin-Madison Logo Wisconsin +2 I think that Michigan win looms larger for me this week and they beat the best six-win team in the country.
22 Mississippi State University Logo Mississippi State 0 Got blown out by Kentucky, but recovered slightly against Auburn, which may not mean what it once did.
23 University of Houston Logo Houston NR I may have overreacted after the Temple loss. Temple is pretty good! So we’re bringing Houston back.
24 University of Washington Logo Washington NR Giving some love to our favorite one-bid conference. They’re 7-0 in conference play! Who knew? Past my bedtime.
25 University of Maryland, College Park Logo Maryland -12 A rough week for the Terps, compounded by a loss to Illinois. Edged out Mississippi, Iowa and others.