University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logorickym24's Ballot for Week 14 of 2018-19

Submitted on Saturday, February 2, 2019 at 11:26PM EST
1 University of Virginia Logo Virginia (-) Ty Jerome needs to be okay for this team to remain the top dog in my mind
2 Duke University Logo Duke (-) Tre Jones locked up Ponds, remains the most important piece to this team. Part of the top tier with UVA and Tenn
3 University of Tennessee Logo Tennessee (-) Remain in the top tier with UVA and Duke. Two road wins this week is nice for any team
4 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga (+1) Would you look at that, they destroyed 2 more teams this week. Although the San Diego game was close for a bit. Jump UM this week
5 University of Kentucky Logo Kentucky (+2) Probably the hottest team in the country. DestroyIf ed Vandy (where Tenn. struggled) as well as winning @Florida. Absolutely rolling
6 University of Michigan Logo Michigan (-2) Losing @Iowa is by no means a bad loss. Their offense has become an area of concern though. Strongly in my 2nd tier of teams
7 Michigan State University Logo Michigan State (-2) Had all week to prepare for 7 game losing streak IU coming off the Purdue loss... and they still found a way to lose it. Weird loss
8 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logo North Carolina (+3) Got revenge on UofL, played maybe the toughest I've seen all year. Great sign that they can win w/o Coby White scoring many points
9 University of Nevada, Reno Logo Nevada (-) They beat the teams they were supposed to and didn't make close games of it. That's a positive for this team
10 Marquette University Logo Marquette (-) Good win @Butler. Nova game will be huge but they cant overlook St. Johns midweek either. Big litmus test for the top of the league
11 University of Kansas Logo Kansas (-3) Prove again that they cant win on the road, but destroy TTU at home. They're gonna win the league again and it won't make any sense
12 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Logo Virginia Tech (-) Thought about them for #1 after holding the Wolfies to 24 points... in all seriousness they are fucked if Robinson is out
13 Villanova University Logo Villanova (-) Battle for the BE is going to be massive. Would not shock me one bit to see this team win @Marquette
14 University of Houston Logo Houston (-) @UCF & vsCincy. Two big time tests for Houston to further prove themselves this week. Avenged the Temple loss as well
15 Iowa State University Logo Iowa State (+1) If anyone else wins the B12 it will be ISU. Winning @Oklahoma will be a huge part of that (we all know it won't actually happen)
16 Purdue University Logo Purdue (+3) Almost gave Penn State their first win but pulled it out in OT. Their path to a B1G title opened up in a big way this week
17 University of Louisville Logo Louisville (+3) Had what they did to UNC done back to them. 2 extremely tough road games could be really good or really bad for this team
18 Texas Tech University Logo Texas Tech (-3) Destroying TCU was good, getting destroyed at Kansas wasn't as good. Very close between them and UofL here
19 Florida State University Logo Florida State (+2) @Syracuse will be a huge litmus test for both teams. Would go a long way for FSU to get back into people's good graces
20 University of Wisconsin-Madison Logo Wisconsin (+4) Now up to 5 straight. @Michigan and @Minnesota is not a fun upcoming schedule though. They'd take 1-1 very happily
21 Mississippi State University Logo Mississippi State (-3) I want this team to be so much better than they are. Defending home court against LSU and UK will be a huge opportunity for them
22 University at Buffalo Logo Buffalo (-5) Another road loss in conference, not terrible but they cannot afford any more of them in my opinion
23 Auburn University Logo Auburn (NR) Two convincing home wins is enough to put them back in for me. Winning @LSU would be their first win in a big game this year
24 Louisiana State University Logo LSU (-2) I was hesitant to move them after the miracle against Mizzou and then the lose at home to Arky. This feels about right for them
25 University of Iowa Logo Iowa (NR) Beating Michigan at home is enough for them to be back in. (Next 5 - Baylor, Cincinnati, Washington, Maryland, Wofford)