University of Michigan LogoBluOmega's Ballot for Week 15 of 2018-19

Submitted on Sunday, February 10, 2019 at 10:07PM EST
1 Duke University Logo Duke (+1) Went into Virginia and beat them by double digits, if this team shoots that well in March I don't know if they need to hold the tourney
2 University of Tennessee Logo Tennessee (-1) Didn't really do anything wrong but their wins weren't particularly impressive and I think Duke is the better team
3 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga (+1) The Gaels are having an off year but beating St. Mary's by almost 50 is insane, and they beat the good San Fran by 30 as well
4 University of Kentucky Logo Kentucky (+1) Good road win against Miss State but almost let a large lead slip away from them
5 University of Virginia Logo Virginia (-2) Still think Virginia is a great team and has the potential to beat Duke if the Blue Devils don't shoot lights out
6 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logo North Carolina (+0) Close call against the Canes but the Tar Heels hold on and keep making a case for themselves as a threat in the ACC
7 University of Michigan Logo Michigan (+0) Good revenge win over Wisconsin, with the Spartans faltering UM becomes a clearer favorite in the BIG
8 University of Nevada, Reno Logo Nevada (+0) The second meeting with New Mexico proved less disastrous for this team than the first go
9 Purdue University Logo Purdue (+4) Only had the one game this week but in my eyes have passed MSU for second best team in the BIG.
10 University of Houston Logo Houston (+2) Kept taking care of business in the American, solid win against the Bearcats to secure conference dominance
11 Marquette University Logo Marquette (-2) Not a good loss to St. John's but that's their only weakness and Nova is a good win
12 Villanova University Logo Villanova (-2) Not a bad loss to Marquette but Nova remains second in the Big East power rankings. Only 2 teams with a winning conference record. What
13 Michigan State University Logo Michigan State (-2) Good recovery against Minnesota but this team looks pretty lost without Langford, Illinois is not a good team
14 Kansas State University Logo Kansas State (+6) Two great wins this week for the Wildcats, in my opinion the new favorites to end the streak and force a change
15 University at Buffalo Logo Buffalo (+6) As other teams around them all pick up losses, Buffalo's look better by comparison
16 University of Kansas Logo Kansas (-1) Wanted to maybe drop them a little farther, we will have to see how long Vick is out and how the team responds
17 Wofford College Logo Wofford (+6) Barely pulled one out against ETSU but I like the Terriers and they are legit this year
18 Louisiana State University Logo LSU (+7) At Mississippi State and against Auburn are two very good wins for this LSU team that is having on and off weeks
19 University of Iowa Logo Iowa (NR) Two good BIG games this week but didn't lose them and a lot of teams around them fell
20 Florida State University Logo Florida State (NR) Beating Louisville is great for this Seminoles team that I have been more hesitant on in recent weeks than other users and the AP
21 University of Louisville Logo Louisville (-4) Losing at Florida State isn't the worst thing, and the Cards picked up a great but worsening win at VTech this week
22 Lipscomb University Logo Lipscomb (NR) One of the best small schools this year, not sure what seed Lipscomb will get or if they deserve an at-large but they're close
23 University of Wisconsin-Madison Logo Wisconsin (-7) Maybe too far a drop, they still played a great UM team very close and are going to be a threat in March
24 University of Cincinnati Logo Cincinnati (-5) A Houston loss isn't entirely unexpected but the Bearcats are more solidly a tier down in the American
25 Texas Tech University Logo Texas Tech (NR) Next Five: Maryland, Virginia Tech, Washington, Iowa State, Clemson